Simulator games have always been somewhat interesting to me, especially when they are unique in their own right.

Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Sim City

These are simply but a few titles that were exceptional enough in their time to effectively conquer the simulation genre.

Nowadays, the rather samey, perhaps out-dated format still exists (just take the frequent churn-outs of The Sims) and it’s hard to make something fresh when using old ingredients. Some titles have succeeded – take Bethesda and their Fallout: Shelter spinoff… but it begs the question, what is next?

A good simulation game requires addictiveness, simplicity, the desire to create something in the format/theme (e.g. theme parks) and more.

Enter Prison Architect.

A title brought to you by Introversion Software that sees the player endeavour to create a prison as impenetrable as Fort Knox whilst housing the world’s most dangerous criminals. It’s your job to keep the worst of the worst, the people other prisons won’t take and keep them incarcerated!

Sounds pretty fun, right?

Prison Architect has been received positively worldwide for three years having gained a player base of one million – and that’s whilst in the alpha stages.

prison arch

Introversion Software might have carved out their own little niche that could revive a genre that has been recycled somewhat poorly, time and time again for too long.

A fan of some of the classic simulation games, this is a title I’ll personally be investing in upon release.

Prison Architect is expected to arrive on the Steam platform in October, 2015.