Hasbro and Ubisoft have released Boggle, a console game based on the classic three-minute word game, for PS4 and Xbox One.

The Boggle console game brings the classic franchise to a new level with the addition of diverse modes. Fresh rules like point multipliers, timed matches, and even banning certain letters introduce new strategies players can use to topple their opponents. Players can compete against their friends in person or experience the multiplayer cooperative or competitive modes online.

The Boggle console game is part of the collaboration between Hasbro and Ubisoft for the Hasbro Game Channel. A premiere destination for strategy game entertainment, Hasbro Game Channel provides access to classic and reinvented versions of your favorite Hasbro board games. The channel also provides a social layer to each game.

And until August 31st 2015, Summer Spotlight will bring additional digital games to Xbox One.