Console players can now experience Warframe’s Excalibur’s re-worked Abilities, enhance their Warframes, Weapons and Liset with plenty of new Customizations and take down enemies with the Simulor Gravitational Singularity Generator: the first Weapon of its kind.

Here’s an handy list of new content in this latest update:

  • Excalibur Rework: No matter the style of play, Excalibur is always a formidable Warframe choice. With newly re-worked Abilities, he is now more versatile than ever!
  • New Weapon: Simulor: The Simulor Gravitational Singularity Generator produces miniature Gravitational Singularities that can be used for scientific study or self-defense.
  • Prisma Excalibur Bundle: Let Excalibur stand apart with skin and helmets forged from the purest Prisma Crystal.
  • Ormolu Skin Bundle: Ormolu Skins for your Daikyu, Akbolto, Bolto and Tipedo Weapons as well as the Ormolu Kyroptera Syandana will add an honorable brass and gold finish.
  • New Augment Mods: Mesa: Staggering Shield: Reflected bullets have a 50% chance to stumble enemies.
  • Oberon: Hallowed Reckoning: Enemies killed by Reckoning create small areas of Hallowed Ground for 10 seconds. Enemies standing in the Hallowed Ground take 150 damage per second, while allies gain 250 armor.
  • Mordred Excalibur Helmet: A uniquely styled Helmet for Excalibur.
  • Prisma Excalibur Skin: This Excalibur Warframe has been coated with liquid Prisma, enriched by pure Void energy.
  • Prisma, Prisma Avalon and Prisma PENDRAGON Excalibur Helmets: Three new, unique helmets for Excalibur, coated with liquid Prisma and enriched by pure Void energy.
  • Excalibur Proto-Armor Skin: Discovering the precise nature of the Excalibur Proto-Armor Skin has proved elusive. Initial attempts at dating point to ancient origins, perhaps even predating Orokin Empire. Players can get it between Friday, August 7 at 2 p.m. EDT and Friday, August 14 at 2 p.m. EDT before it is returned to the Vault.
  • KyroPtera Syandana: players can add the Kyroptera version of the traditional Tenno Syandana to their Warframe. Forged by Tenno artisans, its design is inspired by winged night creatures.
  • Prisma Excalibur and Proto-Excalibur Noggle Statues: players can decorate their Liset with new Prisma and Proto-Excalibur Noggle Statues!

Additionally, PS4 players will get a free PS4 theme along with the Renown Pack III Re-release. Tenno can give their PS4 the Warframe treatment with a new Warframe Dashboard Theme!

Renown Pack III Re-release: If any Tenno missed it the first time, now is their chance to pick up the Obsidian Excalibur Skin and 170 Platinum in the Renown Pack III. It will only be available on the following dates: North and South America: August 18 – 25, Europe: August 19 – 26, Asia: August 19 – 26 and Japan: August 18 – 25.

Re-release RenownPack III

In addition to all of the above, Xbox One Players will also get the PRESTIGE PACK I RE-RELEASE. Players can pick up the Jade Excalibur Skin and 170 Platinum in the Prestige Pack I! This Pack will only be available between August 18 at 2 p.m. EDT and August 25 at 2 p.m. EDT.