Episode 4, ”Escape Plan Bravo”, of Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands will be coming out on Tuesday, August 18 and will be available through the Telltale Online Store, Steam and the PlayStation Network. It will be releasing the day after on Xbox One and 360 and the day after that on iOS and Android (August 20).

Escape Plan Bravo will be the penultimate episode of the series. In it, Rhys and Fiona will be hunting down the Vault beacon, at gun-point since they were caught out by Vallory’s gang. The beacon happens to be on Helios, Hyperion’s moon base. Recurring characters will recur- including Handsome Jack, the fallen super-villain who now lives in Rhys’ mind.

If you’d like to speculate as to what will happen in this episode, then you can go to Telltale’s community forum and do just that.