While we all wait for that tantalising remake, perhaps settle instead for Final Fantasy VII on your iPhone or iPad? Square Enix has announced that the port of the classic game will be available on the App Store for all compatible devices, for a mere $15.99.

There’s been some upgrades to the game; the UI has been optimised for mobiles, so you can now choose between a virtual analogue or fixed four way digital control pad, for example. As well as that, there is an option to lower the enemy encounter rate, allowing fans to enjoy the storyline unimpeded, although you still get to play through story specific battles, and a “Max Stat,” option, upping for strength, quick as a flash.

But that’s not all!

Final Fantasy Portal App

The English version of the Final Fantasy Portal App has just been released; you can access all the latest news through it, and even play some of the more popular games through it. Triple Triad from Final Fantasy VIII has been included, and if you log in with your Square Enix ID, you can get in-app points to unlock exclusive content, such as wallpapers or cards for Triple Triad. 

For a limited time, the Portal app is available as a free download until 11:59 pm on August 31st, 2015 (PDT), so grab it while you can!