A long time staple on the TNT Pre, Post and Halftime Shows for games broadcast on the TNT Network, Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neil and Kenny Smith will now add their zany antics to NBA 2K16 next month. It seems like a nice addition from the static stat screens that have normally graced these points in previous NBA 2K titles, as you will now get commentary from all three of these hosts before, at the half and after each game that is played in NBA 2K16.

If you have never watch NBA on TNT, these three hosts have a great chemistry where they really bounce off of one another and add a lot of humor mixed in with their in-depth analysis of each game shown on the network. Now they will be analyzing you the player and your performance in each game of NBA 2K16, or they might just decide to talk about how deer have tentacles on their heads (their words, not mine).

Check out Ernie, Shaq and Kenny in action straight out of NBA 2K16 below. NBA 2K16 will be hitting most major consoles and PC on September 29th, 2015 (or on September 25th if you preorder the game).