To celebrate this Tuesday’s launch of Destiny‘s The Taken King expansion, leading UK YouTubers Alex Noon (Arekkz) and James White (Wizzite) took part in a daring real-life stunt inspired by new super abilities seen in the game.

Attending a special Guardian Training Camp in London, Arekkz and Wizzite learned how to wield lightning, just like a Warlock Stormcaller. Wearing a special Voltrex suit connected to a Tesla Coil, Arekkz and Wizzite appeared to shoot lightning from their hands. Three quarters of a million volts of electricity surged across their body as bolts of lightning several meters long sparked from their fingertips. Both Youtubers also wielded a giant flaming metal hammer, just like a Titan Sunbreaker and discovered what it takes to become a Hunter Nightstalker, posing with a glowing, void-energy bow.

The incredible activities at the Guardian Training Camp were staged especially by MTFX – a British special effects company who have created ingenious effects for many Film, Television and Live event productions.

Without further ado, here are the results: