Yoan Fanise, formerly of Ubisoft, recently formed his own studio, Digixart Entertainment, with Anne-Laure Fanise. Yesterday at Tokyo Game Show, the company teased their first game, Lost in Harmony.


It’s a music game. “The idea of Lost in Harmony came from my past experience of blending music into storytelling. Magic happens when you see how, without any word, without any language form, you can provoke feelings into a multicultural audience by playing the right melody”, says Yoan Fanise.

In Lost in Harmony you play as a young boy, Kaito, traveling the world on his skateboard. He is joined by a girl named Aya. Narratively, it is inspired by Miyazaki and Kurosawa movies.

It will also feature original music from songwriter Wyclef Jean. Lost in Harmony looks to be releasing in 2016 and aims to be ‘heartbreaking’. Platforms have not yet been specified.