On October 13, Tess Everis will return to the Tower with a new look, a new storefront, and a slew of new items on sale, courtesy of the Eververse Trading Company.

Initially Tess will offer eighteen brand new emotes, these emotes are completely optional and won’t impact the way the game plays. Meaning there won’t be a mechanic in a raid that require you to have a dance off; although that does sound rather good!

To purchase the new items on offer you will first have to get your hands on some “Silver,” the new in-game currency that will be available through your console associated store.

Bungie has promised though that if you aren’t to keen on parting with your cash for some cosmetic items that there is nothing to worry about. Every player will continue to receive free content in updates to come and these new items are just for those who want them.

Destiny Tess