In this newest Umbrella Corps video, two teams from the Capcom Japan development team go head to head in 3 vs. 3 competitive team battles in the game’s One Life Match Mode. In this mode, the teams have 3 minutes to eliminate each other and there are no respawns.

Voice-over commentary from the team provides insight on some of the tactics used by the experts and spotlights exclusive features. Whether it’s aggressive firing, finding new paths by lifting shutter doors, utilizing the analog cover system, flanking the enemy in careful coordination, or carefully plotted sneak attacks from behind, each match offers quick and competitive gameplay.

The video also shows off arsenal of weapons which brings an exciting twist on the traditional gun and grenade loadout. The deadly “Brainer” melee axe can be charged up and used as a one-hit kill attack and the “Zombie Jammer” adds an extra variable to the mix.