Namco Bandai released a handful of new characters for their upcoming Project X Zone 2 including three new playable characters:

  • Street Fighter’s Ingrid
  • Tales of Vesperia’s Estelle
  • Shenmue’s Ryo Hazuki

Along with six foes that will serve as opposition to our crew of heroes:

  • Street Fighter’s M Bison
  • Darkstalkers’ Pyron
  • Star Gladiator’s Black Hayato
  • Sakura Wars’ Ranmaru Mori
  • Xenosaga’s T-Elos
  • Xenoblade Chronicles’ Metal Face

Additionally, the publisher released a lengthy 13 minute gameplay trailer just for NYCC 2015 which can be seen above. Expect Namco Bandai to announce additional characters leading up to the game’s release on 19th February, 2016.