Let’s forget that mediocre appearance in Nether Realm’s fighter, Mortal Kombat X, shall we? How about being the machete wielding emotionless monster from the Friday the 13th movies?

As you may remember, a while back, we reported that there were rumblings of a new Friday The 13th game; which seemed to be in limbo. Simultaneously, there was a game titled Summer Camp Slasher Vol 1 in development; which had a similar premise of a psychopath killing teenagers.

JASON-Final_watermarked copy

Well Sean S. Cunningham (the man behind the original horror movies) and Gun Media (original Summer Camp Slasher Vol 1 developer) have teamed up to bring a new Friday the 13th game. The game is currently in development and the team has gone to Kickstarter in order to provide a bigger experience by going “face-meltingly awesome” as Wes Keltner said.

This game will be an asymmetrical multiplayer experience where one player will be Jason while seven other players control counselors. Obviously, the goal will be to escape Camp Crystal Lake in one piece. As in the movies, Jason will be vastly overpowered and have a lot of “toys” at his disposal. Players can attempt to attack Jason one-on-one, but that won’t end well. Taking down the masked murderer will require teamwork and an epic win condition. As to what this means, we’ll have to wait as we near the game’s release to find out.

In order to ensure the proper use of the long lasting franchise, Cunningham also brought in Kane Hodder (portrayed Jason in Friday the 13th part VII, VIII, IX and X) and Harry Manfredini (composer behind the original Friday the 13th score). Tom Savini will also act as producer. For those living under a rock, Savini created a lot of FX for various horror movies, including the original F13th movie. You can learn more about the team behind the game here.

Gun Media also promises single player content from both Jason and the counselors’ perspective. The Kickstarter Campaign launched earlier today and has already reached $134,379 (of its $700 000 target) as of this writing. The campaign will come to an end on November 13th 2015 while the game is currently scheduled for an October 2016 release.