Nintendo announced that Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash will be coming to the Wii U on November 20th and will bring along amiibo support with it. Supported amiibo can be your partner in online doubles matches, or join you to battle strong computer-controlled opponents in the offline Knockout Challenge mode. The more matches your amiibo plays, the more experience it’ll gain over time.

The game will feature new (Rosalina) and returning characters (ex: Luigi, Waluigi, Boo) for tennis with a distinct Mushroom Kingdom twist. On top of standard shots like topspin, lobs, slices and more, the new Ultra Smash move sees characters leap high into the air and smash the ball down. Players can also gain the advantage by hitting the right shot while standing in the colored Chance Areas that occasionally appear, unleashing super-strong smashes or intense slices.

The game will support up to four players along with a variety of controls: Wii U Gamepad, Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller and the Classic Controller Pro. Addtionally, the TV and GamePad screen can each show a different end of the court, so both teams will always have the perfect view.

An array of gameplay modes will be included:

  • Knockout Challenge: Tense tiebreak matches against increasingly difficult computer-controlled opponents await in this single-player mode. You can call in a supported amiibo as your doubles partner.
  • Mega Battle: Your character grows to gigantic proportions after grabbing a Mega Mushroom, dominating the court with their increased power and range.
  • Classic Tennis: For those who prefer their tennis a little more traditional, Classic Tennis offers two variations: Standard mode features Chance Shots and Jump Shots but no Mega Mushrooms, while Simple puts competitors between the tramlines with no Chance Shots or power-ups – a real test of tennis prowess.
  • Online multiplayer: Go up against distant adversaries from all over the world in competitive ranked play in either Mega Battle or Classic Tennis modes, or quickly jump into more casual matches. Two players on the same console can team up to take on all-comers, or a supported amiibo can join you on as your doubles partner on the online courts.

For a limited time, anyone purchasing the digital version of the game on the eShop in its first four weeks of release will receive a download code for the Nintendo 64 game Mario Tennis on Wii U Virtual Console.