Firstly, Warner Bros re-released Arkham Knight for PC after a catastrophic launch back in June. Although it’s seemingly still broken, it will give at least PC players the chance to enjoy this month’s DLC. PC players now have access to Photo Mode, Big Head Mode, Original Arkham Batman Skin and more. Additional details concerning the re-release of the PC version can be found here.

Additionally the October DLC is now available for PC/PS4/Xbox One season pass owners. Or those who opted to save their money can also pick up the content separately on the respective online market place.

Here’s the new content available for download:

  • Batmobile Track #1: Batcave Set
  • Batmobile Track #2: Penguin’s Dockyard
  • 1960s TV Series Batmobile
  • Classic TV Series Catwoman Skin
  • Classic TV Series Robin Skin
  • 1970s Batman Themed Batmobile Skin
  • AR Challenge: Chemical Reaction
  • AR Challenge: Stage Fright
  • AR Challenge: Cauldron Speedway TT
  • AR Challenge: Guardians
  • AR Challenge: Precinct
  • AR Challenge: Vertigo