During a stage presentation at Paris Games Wee, Square Enix unveiled the first gameplay trailer for the newly titled NieR: Automata. Producer Yosuke Saito, and Director Yoko Taro took to the stage and provided the audience with a first look at the title’s gameplay, which features the signature PlatinumGames’ action-oriented combat.

“NIER struck a chord with many passionate gamers. It was something so special that we felt compelled to heed the fans’ call for a follow-up,” said Saito. “To create the ultimate action-RPG, it dawned on me that a collaboration between PlatinumGames and SQUARE ENIX would be a dream come true.”

Accompanying the new trailer were a selection of screenshots and artwork that provides a glimpse of the visually diverse world of NieR: Automata. The title’s protagonist, “2B,” was designed by Akihito Yoshida.