Free Reign Entertainment revealed that the MMO survival horror game, Romero’s Aftermath, surpassed one million players since launching into Open Beta last month, with nearly three-quarters of those players coming through Steam.

To celebrate this impressive milestone, Free Reign is offering in-game currency at 50% off through November 1st. Additionally, new, limited-edition Halloween gun skins and clothing are available.

“When we started development of *Romero’s Aftermath *we wanted to provide gamers with a fresh survival horror gameplay experience that would bring some excitement to the genre,” said Adam Skidmore, Design Lead at Free Reign Entertainment. “Now that we’ve surpassed one million players we see that our approach to development combined with George C. Romero’s input is exactly what players wanted. We hope to see more gamers join in the fun and have Aftermath be their go-to survival-horror game.”

With a bevy of features, including crafting, base building, health management and more, Aftermath goes beyond the norm of most survival horror games by providing gameplay for every type of player. As a free game, players don’t need to commit any money to try their luck at surviving the game’s massive open world that is filled with zombies, other survivalists, towns, deserts and forests.