Batman: Arkham Knight released on Steam June 23. Reports of the game being rife with glitches and graphical issues surfaced shortly after. The game was taken off Steam and customers were offered refunds for the game in full. Whilst the console version of the game was relatively well-reviewed. This may all have something to do with the port itself being outsourced (to Iron Galaxy).

Almost exactly the same thing has happened again.

The game was re-released on PC a couple of days ago and players registered similar complaints about the technical problems they encountered. Furthermore, Warner Bros. had the gall to flag reviews given of the game after its first release date (in June) as pre-release reviews.

Although Warner Bros. have announced that they will continue to work on the game and fix some of the tech issues- they add that they will ‘talk to you about the issues that we cannot fix’. Suggesting that fixing this port is not a priority. They have announced that they are willing to provide full refunds for anyone who bought the game on PC, regardless of how much you’ve played it or how long you’ve had it. You have until the end of 2015 to get your refund.

The Steam page currently states that the game will be coming to Mac and Linux in Spring 2016.

To see the statement in full, head here: Announcement on Refunds.