Evening, vault dwellers! Our ever benevolent friends at Vault-Tec have released the official Communications Hub And Transmitter app, otherwise known as Fallout C.H.A.T. You can send messages via a custom keyboard, use over 60 Fallout emojis, and enjoy tons of animated Vault Boy gifs.

We’ve got a handful of examples below for you, but other than that, get texting!

image001.png@01D116E1.3C872EC0 image002.png@01D116E1.3C872EC0 image003.png@01D116E1.3C872EC0 image004.png@01D116E1.3C872EC0 image005.png@01D116E1.3C872EC0 image006.png@01D116E1.3C872EC0 image007.png@01D116E1.3C872EC0image008.png@01D116E1.3C872EC0

Fallout C.H.A.T is available worldwide right now for iPhone, iPad and Android. It can be downloaded for free on the App Store or the Play Store.