If you’re interested in how Telltale became a powerhouse of story games based on licensed material, then this documentary, produced by Complex, on just that topic may be something you might like to have a gander at:

The 30 minute documentary covers the founders’ time at LucasArts and then follows the studio right up to the present day. Including the transition from traditional adventure game to the more narrative based experiences, punctuated by quick time events, that they moved to. Co-founder Dan Conners says the following:

“Our problem with the traditional adventure game was puzzles stopping plot progression. The goal wasn’t to save the world anymore. It was to get a rope, to tie onto the banana, to throw into the gutter, to go down and unlock the door, to get the video-tape. And there was that disconnect. And we were doing this thing… called ‘The Zombie Prototype’. I’m in a space. Things are going to happen. If I don’t act quickly, if I don’t think on my feet, I’m going to die”.

They also discuss the whole ‘not-a-game’ debate and discuss their plans for the future. Definitely watch if you’re into their style of game (?) design.