In news that should not be surprising to anyone who’s played the latest episode that released this week, it seems that Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series is in the works.

Kevin Bruner, Telltale’s CEO and co-founder, confirmed that a new season is ”currently in development” in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The interview is very spoiler-heavy, so be warned. In it, Bruner addresses criticism that the game was too dark and too deterministic. If you have questions about the way ‘The Ice Dragon’ went down, you may find some answers as to why Telltale made the creative choices they did.


Bruner also mentions that the plot for season one had been influenced by criticism coming from fans. For instance, if you played season one right up to the end, you could determine whether certain characters lived or died. This decision was partly inspired by criticism over A Thing that happens in the first episode.

Are you excited for the prospect of a second season? Did you like the season finale? Or are more you holding out hope that certain other Telltale games will get a second season?

*cough* Tales from the Borderlands *cough*