From November 19 onwards, the Xbox app for Windows 10 will have a handful of cool new features. including the following, but please note you’ll nee to update both Windows and the Xbox itself in order for them to work:


  • Pop in a headset and start narrating over the clips you record on games played on the Windows 10! You’ll need to use the Game bar and Game DVR hotkeys to do this.
  • You’re now able to record any game on your Windows 10 PC, and screenshot them as well; best of all, this includes games where the Game bar and the DVR hotkeys didn’t work before.
  • The Store section in the app will now bring you to the Xbox store, a launching point for browsing and searching for games on both Windows and Xbox. The Xbox One 25 digit codes will also be redeemable through the app.
  • Inspired by fan requests, Xbox Live and Facebook are coming together, to make it easier to find people and play games with.

Anyone else excited for these? Tell us about it in the comments.