The Disaster Report series is alive and well. After being cancelled for PS3, Disaster Report 4 is back with the Plus: Summer Memories suffix for Sony’s PS4.


Along with the debut trailer, which can be viewed above, the game’s new developer, Granzella, also released the game’s synopsis:

July, 201X.
The intense sunlight, the burning asphalt.
Buildings collapsing one by one, unable to withstand their own weight.
Immediately after the earthquake, danger and mass confusion spread throughout the city.
The protagonist (players can choose between a male or female) who visited this city in search of a job and immediately encountered a major earthquake, while not familiar with the city, must wander the destroyed city to survive.
Cooperate with others, endure quarrels, and collect information to escape the collapsed city.

To stay up to date, and if you can read Japanese, the game’s official website is up and running.

Thanks to Gematsu.