FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15 is now available for PC $24.99 (NA), €21.99 (Euro) and £19.99 (UK). In order to celebrate the launch, enjoy a new trailer titled How Champions Are Born.

In this discipline, victory is determined your riding skills, adequate strategy and accurate preparations before the race. How were these aspects handled in the process of bringing the sport to the video game world?


For the very first time, a speedway game is truly faithful in reflecting the nuances of the discipline that can decide who wins the race. In FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15 track surface changes dynamically and affects traction. As the bikers do laps, the surface is moved to the outer side of the track, which relocates zones of better and worse grip, directly affecting the speed of the bikes. But while looking for better traction, every biker should keep in mind that the surface is smoothed every four races.

To win the Grand Prix and become the new World Champion, players will also need to adopt an appropriate strategy for the whole season. Why shouldn’t you set the engine RPM to the max for every race? How does the geometry of each track affect optimal settings of the bike?