505 Games and Re-Logic have announced that hit platformer Terraria will be making its début on Nintendo 3DS via the e-Shop on December 10.

The digital version will be £17, and although we don’t have word on the release for the retail copy, it’ll be available sometime in early 2016, as well as a retail and digital version for the Wii U. The touchscreen controls have been uniquely remapped for the new consoles, building and fighting with the swipe of a stylus; lay your foundations and craft to your heart’s content with the responsive touch interface.

The 3DS version is a great way for both newbies and veterans to access the series, sharing adventures with friends along with way. There’s four player sessions, only available through Local Play, which only has real, non AI team mates. Plus with over 1300 crafting accessories, 150 enemies and 15 boss battles like the Eye of Cthulu (not to mention some Nintendo surprises along the way!) you’d be mad to miss out!

Watch the launch trailer below: