Now remastered, Resident Evil 0 will be equipped with fully enhanced visuals and sound effects, bringing its spine-chilling terror to a whole new level.

This prequel tells the origin story of the franchise, will be available to purchase digitally on this date for EUR 19.99 / GBP 15.99 for PC/PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox One.

The digital title contains not only the fully remastered game, but new features such as an alternate modern control system and brand new Wesker Mode, where players can face the challenges of the mansion playing as the infamous villain of the series.


Additionally, when pre-ordered on all platforms (except Xbox 360), you will receive an exclusive costume pack, which will see Billy armed as a member of Wolf Force, with Rebecca as a cheerleader. Additionally, players will receive an in-game t-shirt for Rebecca.

Players will be have the choice to pick it up one of two ways: either as a standalone digital title or through the Resident Evil Origins Collection which will include both Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster and last January’s Resident Evil HD Remaster.