Focus Home Interactive along with Lords of the Fallen developer Deck13 unveiled a first look at The Surge, their new hardcore action RPG featuring tight, visceral combat mechanics and unique and exciting equipment and upgrade system tied to dismemberment.

Get a sneak-peek at an industrial R&D project blueprint, and learn about CREO, the mysterious manufacturing and R&D company in the game, and their enigmatic CEO Jonah Guttenberg, in a PR dug up especially for you from the archives, set prior to the events of The Surge.

Commissioned by a billionaire philanthropist, a project developed by CREO designed primarily to reverse the effects of climate change on the planet is just beginning to take shape as something entirely different; something that will have huge consequences for the world, and of course, the player.


Set in a heavily dystopian future as Earth nears the end of its life, those who remain in the overpopulated cities must work to survive as social programs become saturated by an ageing population and increasing environmental diseases.

As the intelligence of technology incrementally increased over the years, many jobs for the human race had been made redundant, forcing Earth’s citizens to head out into the suburbs seeking labor, aided by exoskeletons to improve their efficiency. The world of The Surge offers a very grim vision of the future, where the evolution of our technology, our society and our relation with the environment led to a decadent state of the Human civilization.