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As the New Year is swiftly approaching, we’ll all be familiar with the somewhat tiresome concept of making a new year’s resolution. But whereas we once used to be stranded alone in the cold months of January with our vows to abstain from numerous activities, now we can get a little digital assistance with some of these handy apps and games to make abstinence a little more fun!

Gaming your way to fitness



After all of the Christmas excesses, most of us will be feeling a like we need to lose a few pounds and get into shape. There’s been a huge rise of apps that take full advantage of wearable technology so that we can accurately track our fitness progress and even make staying in shape enjoyable.

Key amongst these innovations is the Fitbit app which encourages us to track our daily activity through its advanced GPS technology. The blog on the online casino site Euro Palace details how the Fitbit app can make getting fit a lot more fun thanks to its ability to help you set realistic goals for your workout that should mean you’re able to continue your new fitness regime throughout the year.

Mental dexterity games

One of the hardest things about being superhuman in the New Year is simply gathering the mental willpower to overcome those moments of weakness. But even playing the simple casino games at Euro Palace can provide a little incentive to reward ourselves at the end of a particularly hard workout or day at the office. And what’s best is that by simply calculating the odds on a game of poker or roulette, you’ll be improving your grey matter without trying.

Should you wish to fire up the synapses in the New Year and challenge your brain in brave new ways, then the Chaos Grid gaming app should provide more than a little mental stimulation. The game can subtly help train your mental dexterity and reflexes through the pleasing aesthetic of the coloured grids that can help you boost your brain power without having to think too much!

A new outlook


Another challenge that many of us face in the New Year is trying to find a way out of a particular mental rut. And as they say that travel broadens the mind, then you can make any prospective trip abroad a little easier with the Duolingo app that has helped over 70 million people learn a new language in a simple and ad-free format.

Learning a new language has many additional benefits for our brains and problem-solving skills, and above all, it’s about giving yourself that satisfactory sense of achievement at the end of the day that will make 2016 so much easier to face!