Dublin-based indie game studio, Gut Games Studio, launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their new RPG project. Titled Delta Legend: Magic of the Blues, it brings the creative worlds of Indie-Games and Blues Music together in a spellbinding collaboration.

This game is a fantasy action RPG set deep in the myths and folklore which surround Blues Music which has already been in development for 18 months and has undergone various iterations in order to refine concept, narrative and aesthetics. The game’s continuing development will involve an open collaboration with blues musicians to create a soundtrack which is fully integrated with the gaming experience.


Delta Legend also demonstrates an ability to compliment the contemporary art of game design with the timeless art of the Blues and has a core ambition to create an energetic collaboration between two creative communities: Game Developers and Musicians.

The game features engaging and mysterious characters, all carefully portrayed in a surreal and beguiling art-style. Additionally, the game will be complimented by fantastic open-world environments and exciting missions.

Gut Game Studio’s Kickstarter campaign for Delta Legend: Magic of the Blues launched yesterday, December 29th, and will last for 45 days. The indie developer needs €40,000 for the project to be a success and as of this writing as reached €5,670.