Harmonix launched Amplitude, rebuilt from the ground up for Sony’s PS4. This resurrected title features beatmatching gameplay, allowing you to build a song through various instrument tracks across more than 30 songs.

The soundtrack is enhanced by breathtaking visuals, and a concept album approach to its narrative storytelling. Available today for $19.99/£19.99/€19.99 via PSN, fans can leap back to 2003 and reminisce about the good ol’ days with this modern remake.

Thanks to the Kickstarter funded reboot, you can once again experience the intense gameplay and trippy reactive environments, remade for the current console generation. This revamped title also features a gameplay mode from the original that started it all, FreQuency, with FreQ mode.


Amplitude features a single player campaign along with competitive and cooperative local multiplayer modes. The campaign is presented in the form of a sci-fi concept album with a narrative that surfaces through the game’s visuals, music, and lyrics. There are also leaderboards to see where you stack up against the competition.

The soundtrack was crafted by in-house composers at Harmonix, along from well-known video game composers like Darren Korb (Transistor), C418 (Minecraft), Danny B (Crypt of the Necrodancer), and Jim Guthrie (Below). Insomniac Games and Lab Zero development studios also pitched in with a track each.