Independent developer Double Damage Games announced the release of Rebel Galaxy on Xbox One across North America and EU territories and will be launching on PS4 in the EU on Friday January 15th.

The game is already already available for PC and Mac since last October, while North American PS4 players got the game a few weeks ago. Rebel Galaxy is a space action RPG where players can upgrade weapons and defenses, acquire new ships, negotiate with aliens, and battle pirates in this open space sandbox.

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“We are pleased to announce Rebel Galaxy is now available on both console systems in North America as well as being available now on Xbox One in the EU, and that the PS4 version launches January 15th in the EU,” said Travis Baldree, Co-Founder of Double Damage Games. “The game was designed with controllers in mind, and we’re excited to give the PlayStation and Xbox communities a chance to experience this epic space adventure.”