Techland has expanded Steam Workshop’s Dying Light Dev Tools with co-op and PVP functions in a new free update!

This opens up even more creative options for players, who can now design co-op scenarios or death matches. This launches alongside a custom made PVP map called “Don’t Drown,” created by community member RabidSquirrel, where you fight for your life on an island with ever-rising water levels. Explore the island, find some weapons, avoid the zombies, but remember to stay alive while you do.

“Just like with the main game we’ve been supporting the Dev Tools for almost a year now, and we’ve already seen amazingly creative stuff from our fans,” says producer Tymon SmektaÅ‚a. “We believe the co-op and PvP support can inspire a new wave of original maps for everyone to enjoy. At the same time, we’re working hard to bring some of the very best custom maps to consoles, and I hope we’ll have something to announce soon.”

Dying Light Dev Tools are available for free on the Steam Workshop, and to aid newcomers with the process, they’ve been making a series of video tutorials on their YouTube channel, which you can watch above. Feel like giving it a shot?