Fresh from Nintendo themselves, we’ve got all the news on their 2016 treats:

  • Three new Pokémon-themed 2DS’s:

These special edition hardware bundles will launch across Europe on February 27. They come in either red, yellow, or blue, and will have a copy of either Pokémon Red, Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition, or Blue installed on them, corresponding to the system’s colour. It also has classic packaging hailing back to the GameBoy era, a sheet of fifteen stickers, and a download code for a Home Menu theme.

  • Pokken Tournament gets its European début this spring! 

    With a cast of fan favourites like Lucario and Blaziken, intuitive controls and spectacular special moves, this is an entirely unique Pokémon experience.

  • Two new sets of Pokémon face plates for the new Nintendo 3DS will arrive in February. 

One is a Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon plate, and the other is classic Pokémon artwork. These will also release on February 27, the same day the games launched in Japan in 1996.

  • Pokémon Rumble World and Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon are getting packaged versions, launching on January 22 and February 19.

Originally eShop downloads last April, these packaged versions will give the complete Rumble World experience, as well as some other retuned, special features. Mystery Dungeon is a definitive edition, with 720 Pokémon species, near infinite dungeons, and the chance to team up and battle alongside Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. Until March 17, those who purchase the eShop version will get a free Home Menu theme download code,

All in all, a pretty exciting spring for Nintendo!