Warner Bros released five new expansion packs for LEGO Dimension based on Ghostbusters, DC Comics, Doctor Who, Back to the Future and LEGO Ninjago.

The Ghostbusters Starter Pack includes the Ghostbusters Level Pack which includes a mission-based on a level where players must fight Gozer and save New York City. The pack comes with a buildable Peter Venkman LEGO minifigure and Proton Pack, Ecto-1 and Ghost Trap. Players can use the misfit parapsychologist’s Laser Deflector, Suspend Ghosts, and Hazard Protection abilities to solve puzzles and overpower enemies. The Ecto-1 which can be rebuilt into the Ecto-1 Blaster and Ecto-1 Water Diver and the Ghost Trap which rebuilds into the Ghost Stun ‘n Trap and Proton Zapper. Additionally players can play as one of the four Ghostbusters.

The DC Comics Fun Pack includes the demented duo of The Joker and Harley Quinn. Activating The Joker’s powerful Grappler, Target, Hazard and Electricity abilities or Harley Quinn’s Acrobat and Super Strength abilities will help them to solve puzzles and battle enemies. When things get tough, players can send in The Joker’s Chopper and Harley’s Quinn-mobile, and then rebuild them into the Mischievous Missile Blaster and The Joker’s Lock ‘n Laser Jet; or the Quinn Ultra Racer and Missile Launcher for upgraded abilities in the game.

Dr Doctor Who fans can grab the Cyberman Fun Pack, featuring a buildable Cyberman minifigure and rebuildable Dalek. Players can place the drone-like humanoid on the LEGO Toy Pad to bring him to life in the game, then activate his hi-tech Mind Control, Hacking, Drone, X-Ray Vision, Silver LEGO Blowup, Technology, and Dive abilities to solve puzzles and take on the enemies. The Dalek can be rebuilt it into a Fire ‘n Ride Dalek and Silver Shooter Dalek.


A new Back to the Future pack which stars Doc Brown himself. Placing everyone’s favorite absent-minded scientist on the LEGO Toy Pad will bring him to life in the game where players can activate his Hacking, Technology, Fix it, and Drone abilities to crack puzzles and defeat enemies. The LEGO-fied version of Doc Brown can use the Traveling Time Train and rebuild it into the Flying Time Machine and Missile Blast Time Train.

Martial arts fans can pick up the LEGO Ninjago Sensei Wu Fun Pack which includes a buildable Sensei Wu minifigure and his golden staff, plus a Flying White Dragon which can be rebuilt into a Golden Fire Dragon and Ultra Destruction Dragon. Players can deploy his Spinjitzu skills and other special abilities to solve puzzles and battle enemies.