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Gaming trends have spiked, peaked and troughed throughout the years yet the industry has always found new and innovative ways of reinventing itself for the next generation of gamers. Developers and manufacturers have found ingenious ways in which to enhance the gaming experience and make players feel more immersed in their virtual environments. And it’s these technological breakthroughs and innovations that have led to the incredibly rapid evolvement of the online gaming industry.


With the unexpected and fast-paced growth of mobile-based gaming we’ve suddenly seen the gaming market open up to a variety of new platforms. Whether it’s playing games on your smartphone or tablet, your smart TV or through a streaming service there are now more places than ever for you to enjoy playing your favourite video games. Gaming devices you carry about your person each and every day allowing you to get gaming and pick up where you left off with a few simple clicks and swipes.

There was a time when console gaming was running almost unopposed in the gaming market with only PC gaming looking to get in on the action. Now both markets are taking a hit thanks to the rise of mobile gaming, and free play casino games at Royal Vegas as well as the many millions of instantly available mobile gaming app content. Therefore next generation offerings will have to offer gamers something very special indeed.

One way in which consoles have evolved to keep up with their mobile-based counterparts is by introducing more online gaming options. There is now cheaper downloadable content, instant gaming updates and more advanced multiplayer facilities for real-time gaming and speedier streaming. And now even the big console companies such as Nintendo are working hard at creating new and exciting gaming apps for the mobile market itself.


One of the biggest factors in the global gaming market is the rise in online gaming across China and India. China’s gaming sector has increased by 30% annually over the past 8 years and in a country where there 370 million online gamers it’s not hard to see how much significant revenue this one country can help inject into the market. In fact games that were made in China already account for over 70% of the $20 billion that the sector itself generated last year.

Now with an online gaming bill looking to be passed in several states in the US, and other innovative gaming devices such as VR and augmented reality looking to make a push into the market in 2016 this year will be yet another exciting one for gamers everywhere.