Umbrella Corps, a new third person shooter from Capcom, will come digitally to PS4 and PC in May 2016. As the name suggests, the game will be set in the world of Resident Evil, but will boast a few new ways to play.

The multiplayer will have a few different modes and most will allow the teams of 1-6 players to work together in team battles. The single player mode, named “The Experiment”, will give players over 20 missions worth of exercises and objectives to complete. Umbrella Corps’ own version of a horde mode will drop players in dangerous situations, throwing wave after wave of increasingly threatening abominations at them until they succumb or survive.


Many of the famous settings from previous games in the Resident Evil franchise have influenced maps throughout the game, such as the rooftop based Village from RE4, the Tricell HQ from RE5 and the Umbrella Laboratory. As well as levels designed around multiplayer gameplay, special boss-type creatures will appear to chew player’s faces off – be sure to watch out for Cerberus dogs and Ganados.

Read up on more of the gameplay details here and watch the first trailer here. Chow down on the game in May this year for $30 / €30 / £25.