The Winter 2016 update has come to Guild Wars 2, and it’s a big one!

One of the many new features is to allow Heart of Thorns players to dispatch their gliders throughout central Tyria, exploring their favourite lands in a whole new way. They can also take on the new and improved Shatterer, a revamped five-storey tall dragon encounter, and fan favourite Tybalt Leftpaw can be summoned as a Mist Champion in PvP.

Commanders can now promote lieutenants to organise subgroups, invite/remove players, and send messages, as well as place marker symbols. Plus, speak with Master Brewer Desch Metz at Queensdale’s Eldvin Monastery to try some of the year’s handcrafted beers. Each one is only around for a month each, and you’ll be rewarded with a new backpack skin and guild decoration for each one you try! When the quarterly updates roll around, adjustments will be made to the professions and respective skills, weapons, and traits, to keep things fresh.

Finally, from January 26 all the way through to February 9, celebrate Lunar New Year by stopping by Crown Pavilion; set off some fireworks, play the Dragon Ball PvP minigame, earn rewards, and celebrate another year of Guild Wars 2!