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Click onto any popular bingo site and you’ll discover a virtual lobby bursting with different games. Although some people may not realise, bingo comes in various formats making it a diverse and exciting game.

Originating from Italy, the most common bingo games revolve around three different formats: 90 ball, 80 ball or 75 ball bingo games. 90 ball bingo is the most popular form of the game in the UK and is played on a ticket that shows 15 numbers across three rows of boxes, with five numbers in each row. The numbers are called out and the player who marks five numbers in a row first is the winner. The game can then continue with player aiming to be the first to complete two rows and achieve a ‘full house’ by marking all three rows.

80 ball bingo is a rare version of the game, with more and more bingo sites beginning to offer it to their players. Tickets will feature a total of sixteen numbers, printed in four rows and four columns of four number. The game will often be played until someone matches a single line of four numbers, making it a very fast-paced variant.

Finally, 75 ball bingo is a popular version of the game. 24 numbers are printed on the ticket across five rows and five columns, with a free space in the middle that can be ticked off before the game begins. The winner is the first person to mark five numbers in a single line, either across a row, column or diagonally.

In addition to these basic bingo formats, there is a huge selection of other games on offer. These include;

Mini Bingo – This type of bingo is becoming popular online due to the fast rounds and frequent winners. Played with just 30 balls, the winner is the first player to match 3 numbers across the nine square grid.

Quickie – Also known as ‘Speed Bingo’, this game involves numbers being called out as quickly as possible. The winner is the first player to have matched all numbers in their entire card.

Pattern Bingo – As the name suggests, players in this bingo variant win by matching combinations in certain shapes or patterns, such as the letter T for example. Players will be told which pattern they must achieve before the game starts.

Coverall – Known as a full house in the UK or a ‘blackout’ in the US, coverall bingo requires players to match all the numbers on their ticket. Huge prize pools and progressive jackpots are common with this type of game.

Money Ball – Before the game begins, players are told one number which will double their winnings if they hit Bingo on that exact number. Bingo sites may also offer ‘Lucky Ball’ which is a variation of this game, where the first number called on the first session is lucky and pays out bonuses to all players who hit Bingo with it.

Bonanza Bingo – Typically played on the 13th game of the day’s session, Bonanza bingo is a progressive coverall jackpot game popular in the US. 45 numbers are pre-selected and players mark these on separate tickets. If there are no initial winners then numbers will continue to be called until a player achieves a coverall.

Texas Blackout – If the first number called out in a Texas Blackout game is even then all even numbers on the card become ‘Wild’ and can be immediately ticked off, and vice versa for odd numbers. The player who blackouts their card first wins the game.