Developer Robot Entertainment continues to use the closed beta phase to add more polish to its team-based tower defense game.

Traps can now be modified and changed in effects and appearance as well as having options for personalization. Alongside a reworking of the preset character progressions, update 2.7 also brings three new Survival maps, more traps and a handful of fresh minions.

Survival mode brings in over 50 diverse challenges where players face wave after wave of enemies, rises in level and improves their traps. These traps can now be upgraded a total of three times (at levels 25, 50 and 75) with the aid of gathered crafting materials. This helps the equipment not only get stronger, but also gives them a further socket per increase which can then be filled with crafted materials, providing further bonuses and improvements.


Three new maps will also be added: Crogon Keep, The Wall and Frostbite. In PvP mode, the developer is mixing up the classic separations of offense and defensive characters.

Here’s a brief overview of the new features:

  • Campaign mode with over 50 new challenges
  • Customisable traps
  • Three new maps: ‘Crogon Keep’, ‘The Wall’ and ‘Frostbite’
  • Reworked role selection allows for free role decisions for the selected hero in attack and defence

The full list of changes is available here.