Developer n-Space and Digital Extremes announced a console version for Sword Coast Legends as the party-based RPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Forgotten Realms universe hits PS4 and Xbox One this Spring, 2016. The game will be available digitally via PSN and Xbox Live for €19.99.

Sword Coast Legends features a unique experience where a Dungeon Master guides players through customizable adventures. The DM mode is not entirely focused on adversarial play typical to 4v1 games. Instead, active DMs engage and empower entire parties to have more fun in a way that best suits the desired experience.

SCL XB1 Screenshot 03

Sword Coast Legends also returns players to the lush and vibrant world of the Forgotten Realms with a deep story campaign. Developed by long-time industry veterans in partnership with the Dungeons & Dragons team at Wizards of the Coast, Sword Coast Legends brings the world of Faerûn to life.

The console version will also boasts additional new features such as the Drow as a new playable sub-race, additional character skill trees, hundreds of new placeable objects for DMs, new areas, new visual effects, hardcore gameplay options for the most rugged of adventurers, among other improvements.

Both console and PC players will receive the Rage of Demons DLC for free once it is made available later in 2016.