Skatanic Studios has released RPG Tycoon via Steam Early Access and be purchased for £6.99/$10 for Mac and PC.

Players will start off with a single plot of land and limited funds. You’ll need to choose wisely the hero you wish to hire in order to complete the game’s 90 quests. Should your hero(es) be successful, your kingdom will show growth.

As players grow their kingdoms, their newly develop villages will attract settlers who will be looking to spend money in the shops and on services you might be able to provide.


As long as you keep those settlers happy by increasing the ambiance with some well placed trees or decorative items, things will go smoothly.

RPG Tycoon has been builty to be modded with ease through a basic knowledge of XML or image editing software allowing players to create and share new quests, heroes, buildings, items and more in no time at all.