MMOs are absolutely jam-packed to the extremities with information, items, quests and storyline. Final Fantasy XIV in general is rather good at easing new players into the game, but it seems that Square Enix are not quite ready to rest on their laurels with some new systems to help players new to the game that little bit more.

The latest patch for FFXIV, titled “Gears of Change”, brings in two nifty systems to help bring players up to speed when it comes to clearing dungeons and defeating Primal Monsters.

First up, we have the ‘Hall of the Novice’. This building houses a series of challenges designed to prepare adventurers for completing dungeons in parties, where instances in the story prior to the level 15 requirement didn’t require parties to be formed. Mini-challenges requiring things like dodging Area-of-Effect attacks (big circles) fill the ‘Hall of the Novice’ to gear players up in the mechanics of dungeons.

Alongside the ‘Hall of the Novice’, ‘Stone, Sky and Sea’ trials help train players in the mechanics required to defeat boss monster challenges, or Primal Trials. These challenges involve an oversized striking dummy, designed to prepare players for what to expect in higher-level challenges at the Level 60 cap.


With these two areas offering specifically designed challenges, sometimes all a new player needs is a helpful friend to provide useful tips and help clear dungeons. This is where the Mentor system comes in.

Experienced players who have completed certain achievements can opt to volunteer some time to assist newer players in a special ‘Novice Network’ or chat channel that connects Mentors with novices. I feel this is great for those who have not yet found themselves in a Free Company, as these groups can typically offer a similar support network for experienced players to help those still learning the ropes.

Within this new patch for FFXIV, a wealth of additional content was also added. From new weapons and items to new dungeons and trials, the latest batch of content provides even more to enjoy in the realm of Eorzea.

There’s even the return of a certain inquisitive gentleman…


Check out the full patch notes here for more on what’s contained in Patch 3.2. It is a rather lengthy and detailed read, but there’s sure to be enough to get any Black Mage or Dark Knight excited.

Remember that a majority of the new content is only available to you if the Heavensward expansion is linked to your account/.