I guess I probably wouldn’t get a marketing job over there, as they’ve come up with a much neater name: Collapse.

In the run-up to the release of Tom Clancy’s The DivisionCollapse places you as Patient Zero in a smallpox outbreak that grips the world. By entering your address and selecting a few locations along the way, Collapse paints out the route that the epidemic takes to completely take over the planet and destroy all of modern infrastructure along with it.

Using a collection of local map data, business listings, flight path routes and more, a few clicks can see how quickly the world around us can crumble as the result of a global outbreak of a killer virus.

Hence Global Epidemic Simulator… (still not gonna get that job though…)

maxresdefault (1)

Check out Collapse for yourself and start by typing an address in the field. It’s pretty nifty, if you fancy yourself a little bit of Albert Wesker-style virus plotting.