Battleborn is welcoming three new playable heroes to the fray. Players will be able to experience Shayne, Whiskey Foxtrot and Kelvin in both the multiplayer and Story modes.


Shayne has a creature called Aurox as her ally and together they use strength and stealth to overwhelm their foes. GhostRobo gets hands on with the duo.


Kelvin is the culmination of a microorganic civilization that wield ice and brute force to their advantage. Battleborn’s Randy Varnell and DB Sinclair show off Kelvin’s moves.


Whiskey Foxtrot is an “offbeat” soldier that has an arsenal of home-made and scavenged weapons at his disposal. Whiskey Foxtrot can be seen in action with PlayStation Access.

Battleborn will launch on May 3 this year, and will have 25 playable characters for players to use on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.