Vae Victis Games has released Racecraft, a racing game featuring an innovative procedural technology via Steam Early Access. Those who buy the game during the first week of release can save 20% on the launch price.

Players can create an endless number of realistic racetracks and craft their car to achieve the best performances in all the races and eSports events.


This first Early Access version will include the following features:

  • Procedural generation of tracks with different tortuosity and length
  • Cloud saving for tracks and lap records
  • Race progression vs. 100 AI levels
  • HotLap Mode with Ghost or AI training
  • Advanced Driving Menu: tune your car while you are driving without losing focus
  • Controls adapt according to the track shape
  • Support for keyboard, gamepads and Thrustmaster, Fanatec and Logitech wheels

Expanding upon the initial features above, the developers will add the following component in the next few months:

  • Career mode
  • Multiplayer and eSports events
  • Track sharing on Steam
  • Asynchronous multiplayer
  • Oculus VR and HTC Vive support