Tera: Fate of Arun will soon receive new content, providing more challenges to the battle hardened, max level players.

The Isle of Dawn is known to most as the starting area for new adventurers, but there is to be a new area added that adds new dangers for those that have proved themselves among the strongest. The new area, dubbed Stepstone Isle, will have three areas available, with different difficulty levels. A new quest, “Ominous News”, received in Velika, will challenge players to fight level 65 to 70 monsters for various rewards. The stronger the monster, the better the reward.


The end-game dungeon, Forsaken Island, will have a new hard mode that allows players a higher chance to get the Desolarus Heartbeat item.

Veteran players will be sharpening their blades ready for the reopening of the Dreadspire, a dungeon from Tempest Reach. The five-player tower dungeon has levels of increasingly difficult bosses with treasure to match the threat level. Levels 16 to 22 will offer players a chance to leave with their current bounty or continue on, potentially losing everything or (for the lucky) receiving the rare mount “Smoulder” or a set of “Blazing Wings” on certain levels.

tera_fate of arun_dreadspire