Trackmania Turbo, from Ubisoft, has a new trailer that shows off the new multiplayer modes available in the soon-to-release arcade racer.


The following are just some of the modes available:

  • Double Driver – Two players control one car and work together to finish the course
  • Splitscreen – Up to four players race each other on one screen, split into four views
  • Stunt – Players do as many tricks as they can in order to get Turbo Boost to beat their opponents
  • Bonus – Collect different bonuses to get ahead of the competition
  • Mono Screen – All players must stay on the same screen, or they are removed from the race, all while battling each other for the winning spot
  • Online – Upto 100 players racing to get the first place position

PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC owners will be able to get their hands on Trackmania Turbo on March 25, this year.