Bandai Namco has introduced two new characters along with additional gameplay details for the next chapter in the long running Tales Of franchise: Tales Of Berseria.

First of all, meet Magilou. A female witch who uses the Spell Absorber Break Soul allowing players to cancel an enemy’s action and absorb their mana. The other new character introduced is Bienfu who’s a peculiar Malak with a rather unique hat. Both characters join the already announced crew of Velvet, Laphicet, Rokuro and Eleanor.


Bandai Namco also revealed a new battle system feature dubbed the Break Soul. This action, specific to each character, permits the player to exceed the normal number of Artes in a combo. When done correctly, a special effect occurs.

For example, Velvet’s Break Soul called the Consuming Claw lets her eat an enemy’s ability through her mutated left hand.