In November last year, we were invited to journey to the Commonwealth and explore the wasteland of Fallout 4. As if there wasn’t enough content already, Bethesda is soon to give us the first add-on to the Boston-based story: Automatron.


The Mechanist has decided that it’d be a fantastic idea to plague the Commonwealth with all sorts of dangerous and evil robots, including bringing back the previously missing Robobrain. With the influx of new robots, the Sole Survivor will be able to hunt the different mechanical monstrosities and harvest them in order to build custom robot companions. Players will be able to pick and choose from hundreds of components, such as limbs, armor, abilities, and weapons (including the new lighting chain gun). For characters level 15 and over, the robots will have different paint jobs and voices to choose from.


Other DLC (to come at a later date) will consist of settlement expansions with the Wasteland Workshop, a brand new area named Far Harbor (which happens to be the biggest post-release landmass created by Bethesda) and more. A free piece of content that is sure to perk up a few sets of ears is the Creation Kit, allowing players to create mods on PC, and then use them on all platforms, even consoles.

Automatron will be available on March 22nd, for £7.99 on its own, or as part of the £40 Season Pass.