The developers of developers of the hit Giana Sisters series, Black Forest Games, announced that their new twin stick shooter will now release on April 21st for PC via Steam.


We’re using the extra time to make sure Rogue Stormers launches with maximum polish. Our Early Access players know exactly how much content there is in the game-and with the final release we’ve added even more,” said Adrian Goersch, Managing Director of Black Forest Games. “Releasing Rogue Stormers with sub-par game balance was simply not acceptable to us.

Early Access players will get a sneak-peek into the almost-final product during a special Easter Event. This weekend, 03/24 – 03/28, owners of Rogue Stormers on Steam will be able to access the exclusive preview. Players will need to activate it in the game’s properties in the Steam library by selecting Preview – Easter Preview Event.