Blizzard announced that the first Nova Covert Ops mission pack will release March 30th in Europe. The latest single-player campaign includes nine missions spanning three separate packs, and features classic StarCraft II gameplay, plus some new mechanics.

The developer also has two more mission packs in the works which are both set to release at some point later this year. Good news is, players don’t need to already own either StarCraft or StarCraft II to enjoy the Nova Covert Ops pack.


As Nova, the Dominion’s most powerful Ghost, you’ll undertake assignments that are as dangerous as they are vital to the survival of the Dominion: infiltrating enemy bases, intercepting planetary invasions, leveraging experimental technology, and even more top-secret operations.

Those who pre-purchase the complete bundle prior to launch will receive a Covert Ops skin for their Ghost units in StarCraft II.